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Thursday, August 9, 2012

PHOTO: First Lady Michelle Obama Covers Ladies Home Journal

Michelle Obama on cover of Ladies Home Journal

President Obama and Michelle in Ladies Home Journal

First Lady Michelle Obama graces the cover of Ladies Home Journal's September 2012 issue, and inside both her and her husband sit down for a chat about women, leadership, their daughters, and what the President loves most about his wife.

Here's part of the interview:

On how can we get more women to be leaders:

Michelle: ”We have to start with them while they’re young and instill in girls a sense of confidence. That’s why sports are so important. They teach you how to compete - how to fall down and get back up. And there are organizations like the Girl Scouts: They nurture self-confidence and give girls the chance to practice being in charge. We've got to give young women the opportunities to be leaders.”

Barack: ”It’s easier for boys to imagine themselves being President. They see themselves as being in charge. Girls are socialized to think about other people more. I want Malia and Sasha to feel confident about expressing their opinions. And if they’re good at something I want them to have the confidence to step up and shine. I don’t want them to lose their empathy and stop thinking about other people, because that’s an important part of leadership, too. But I don’t want them to be wallflowers.”

Michelle: ”We talk about this a lot, obviously. But it’s not just about what we want for our girls…we also think about the girls who grew up like we grew up: in working-class neighborhoods where they didn’t have sports programs. Or in a single-parent home. They need to be encouraged, too. Choices and options shouldn’t be limited to…”

Barack: ”…folks of a certain income bracket.”

For the full interview, pick up a copy of the magazine at your local newstand.


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