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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ALERT: Thousands of Infected Kotex Tampons Were Stolen and Sold To Retailers

Kotex Tampons Infected, Stolen, Resold

Kimberly-Clark Corp., the Dallas-based company that makes Kotex® tampons, are cautioning women to beware. Apparently, thousands of their Kotex® Natural Balance Security tampons failed final inspection and were sent to an outside company to be destroyed. But at an unknown point they were stolen and the defective products were then sold to the public. Some of the tampons have increased levels of bacteria, the presence of metallic particles and imperfect raw materials.

The company is encouraging all consumers to check their Kotex Natural Balance Security tampon cartons for any of the affected lot codes. Consumers should contact the company at (877) 485-6839 for instructions on where to send the products for a full refund.

Consumers should check the lot codes on the red box located on the bottom of the carton of their tampons. The affected lot codes include:

Kotex Natural Balance Regular Absorbency Security Tampons
Box of 18 count: AC209621X and AC209622X
Box of 36 count: AC209625X

Kotex Natural Balance Super Absorbency Security Tampons
Box of 36 count: AC127423X, AC209623X and AC209624X

Kotex Natural Balance Super Plus Absorbency Security Tampons
Box of 18 count: AC127322X, AC127422X, AC213822X, AC213922X, AC214022X and AC214322X
Box of 36 count: AC127424X, AC206824X and AC207824X

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