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Monday, December 10, 2012

Police Say Another Handcuffed Young Man Shot Himself in the Head

Man Shoots Himself While Handcuffed
It has happened again! Another African American male in handcuffs has managed to shoot himself, or at least that what police are saying. The first time it happened in Jonesboro, Arkansas where police claimed that Chavis Carter, 21, committed suicide while in the back of a patrol car. He supposedly shot himself in the head, while handcuffed.

Now it has happened again to a 17-year old from Harris, Texas. Apparently, he was being detained by police because a friend reported him as a suicide risk. While in the back of the patrol car in handcuffs, he reportedly shot himself but did not die. He is in critical condition.

This second case in Texas seems more credible than the first case in Arkansas because the young man was arrested for a suicide risk. But how did he manage to shoot himself while in handcuffs? And how did the police not find his gun when they searched him?

What do you think?

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