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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PHOTOS: Obamas Make First-Ever Joint Appearance on "The View"

President Barack and Michelle Obama on the View

Obamas with The View co-hosts

Obamas with The View co-hosts

President Barack Obama and wife First Lady Michelle Obama recently made their first joint appearance on ABC's "The View" while in Manhattan. The interview was actually very intriguing as all of the co-hosts (Barbara, Joy, Sheree, Whoopi & Elizabeth), all had good questions for the couple.

When Barbara Walters asked the President if it would be disastrous if Romney won the upcoming election, he replied that Americans can survive anything. "But," he said, "we don't want to just survive, we want to thrive." Good answer!!

New Michigan Law: No Welfare Benefits If Kids Skip School

Michigan New Welfare Benefits Law
The Michigan Department of Human Services has a new law that says that families can lose their welfare benefits, if the children are not regularly attending school. According to Fox Channel 2 News Detroit, starting October 1st, the state will monitor the school attendance of children 6-15 years old, and if they are skipping school, the state will take away aid being provided to the family. The move is expected to make parents more responsible, but welfare advocates and recipients say its too harsh. What do you think?

INTERVIEW: Viola Davis Talks About Her New Film, "Won’t Back Down"

Viola Davis in Won't Back Down Movie

Viola Davis was born on August 11, 1965 on her grandmother’s farm in St. Matthews, South Carolina, but raised by her parents in Central Falls, Rhode Island. After earning a degree in theater from Rhode Island College in 1988, she went on to do post-graduate work at the prestigious Juilliard School prior to embarking on a critically-acclaimed professional career.

Ms. Davis made a memorable mark on Broadway, winning Tonys for stellar performances as Tonya in King Hedley II and as Rose in the revival of Fences. She’s also been nominated twice for an Academy Award, for her powerful portrayal of stoic Aibileen in The Help and for her equally-sterling interpretation of Mrs. Miller in Doubt.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Back In Court, Fails Drug Test; Rihanna Tweets She's Praying For Him

Chris Brown in Court, Failed Drug Test

Chris Brown in Court, Failed Drug Test

Controversial singer Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday with his attorney for a probation progress report in Los Angeles, after he reportedly failed a drug test, testing positive for marijuana. But according to USA Today, Brown has a legal medicinal marijuana prescription. The judge, however, did warn Brown that while his marijuana use may be legal, he needed to be mindful of his public image as a role model to young fans. Meanwhile, Rihanna tweeted: "@chrisbrown I'm praying for you and wishing u the best today!"

VIDEO: Tameka Raymond Tells Her Side of the Story to ET

Tameka Raymond Interview on ET
Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of pop superstar Usher, recently did an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight. During the interview, she talks openly about the couple's custody battle that she lost, accusations that she's a money-hungry gold digger, and the recent death of one of her sons in a jetski accident. She also responds to Usher's recent interview with Oprah on the OWN Network, where he alludes to the idea that he may have cheated.

Here's a video clip of the interview:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NYC Public Schools Now Giving Away Morning-After Pills To 14-Year Old Girls, Without Parental Consent

New York City Schools Giving Morning After Pills To Girls

In addition to distributing free condoms to students, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) is now making the morning-after-pill available to girls at more than 10 different public high schools in the city. The pills are available to girls as young as 14, and they do not need parental consent.

A city council representative says she supports the program because high school students are sexually active and getting pregnant. According to city statistics, about 7,000 girls are pregnant by the time they reach the age of 17, and more than half end up getting abortions.

Monday, September 24, 2012

PHOTO: Rep. Maxine Waters Cleared By House Ethics Committee

Maxine Waters Cleared By Ethics Committee
California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, 74, will not be charged with ethics violations. She had been previously accused of steering a $12 million federal bailout to a bank that her husband owns stock in. However, House Ethics Committee members say they have found no violations committed by Waters, who had been under investigation since 2009.

Waters is the U.S. Representative for California's 35th congressional district, and previously the 29th district, serving since 1991. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

PHOTO: Kwame Kilpatrick’s Corruption Case Begins

Kwame Kilpatrick Case Begins
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is finally facing accusations in court that while mayor, he participated in illegal activities including racketeering conspiracy, extortion, bribery, fraud, false tax returns and tax evasion. He allegedly deposited more than $200,000 in cash in his bank account and paid his credit card bills with another $280,000 in cash. Jurors have already heard the opening statements of the trial, and the trial has officially begun. Kilpatrick faces more than 10 years in prison, if convicted.

PHOTO: Police Officer Issues Woman a Ticket For Having HIV

Officer David Lacey Issues Ticket to Woman With HIV
David Lacey, a police officer in the Detroit area, is being accused of violating a woman’s privacy rights after he apparently wrote her a ticket for not informing him that she has HIV. The woman, Shalandra Jones, has been living with HIV for 11 years, and was pulled over for a traffic violation.

The officer, for some reason, wanted to inspect her purse, and that's when he found prescription pills for HIV treatment. He then made some insensitive remarks about the pills, and then says he wonders what would’ve happened had he been punctured by any sharp objects in her purse. Afterwards, he issues her a ticket.

Just one problem with all of this: No state law requires individuals to disclose their HIV-positive status during a routine traffic stop.

PHOTO: High School Teacher Slaps Black Student; School District Sued

Dionne Evans Slapped By Teacher in Malibu
Last year, an English teacher at Malibu High School in Malibu, California was accused of slapping an African American female student four times because she apparently forgot her notebook binder at home. Now the student, Dionne Evans, has filed a lawsuit against the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The teacher claims that when she slapped Evans, she was acting out a scene from the movie "Bridemaids" where a character slaps another to smack some sense into her.

PHOTO: Robin Roberts’ Bone Marrow Transplant Successful

Robin Roberts - Bone Marrow Transplant
Robin Roberts, co-host of ABC's "Good Morning America", has had a successful bone marrow transplant and is already anxious to leave the hospital. ABC recently aired a short video clip of Roberts in her hospital bed being treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) - a potentially fatal blood and bone marrow disease.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PHOTO: George Zimmerman Lied!! Trayvon Martin's Handprints Not Found on the Gun

George Zimmerman's DNA Found on Gun
According to the Associated Press, recent forensic tests made public show that George Zimmerman's DNA was the only DNA that could be identified on the grip of the gun used to fatally shoot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The results completely rule out Martin's DNA from being on the gun's grip, and indicates that Zimmerman lied when he said that Martin had his gun.

PHOTO: Pennsylvania Set to Execute Man Who Killed His Molesters

Terrance Williams, now 46-years old, is set to be executed by the state of Pennsylvania on October 3, 2012 for killing two of his childhood sexual abusers, raising the question of whether his punishment is too severe. Supporters are petitioning Gov. Corbett to grant him clemency.

PHOTO: Wyclef Opens Up About Affair With Lauryn Hill In New Book

Wyclef Jean Purpose Bookcover
Wyclef Jean, the Grammy-winning rapper, singer and songwriter, has released a new book entitled "Purpose: An Immigrant's Story", where he opens about an affair with fellow Fugees bandmate Lauryn Hill. According to him, back in the 1990's, Hill led him to believe that her firstborn child was his; but, he says when he got to the hospital he saw a "yellow baby." He knew then that he wasn't the father.

Here's the interview below on the Wendy Williams Show:

PHOTO: Jada Pinkett-Smith Turns 41

Jada Pinkett-Smith Turns 41
Actress and human rights activist Jada Pinkett-Smith turned 41 this month. She recently tweeted, "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype... we DO get better with age!" The devoted wife of superstar Will Smith and mother of Willow and Jaden Smith, lives up to her words, as she has chosen to devote a lot of her time recently towards ending human trafficking.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Woman Discovers Her Husband Was Her Father, After He Dies

Valerie Spruill, 60, of Doylestown, Ohio, was in for the shock of her life when DNA test results confirmed that her late husband, Percy, was also her father. She is now seeing a therapist to deal with the emotional repercussions of finally knowing the truth about biological roots.

PHOTO: Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett Cover Special Issue of Forbes Magazine

Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Forbes Cover

Oprah Winfrey is on the cover of the Forbes 400 Issue of Forbes Magazine with billionaire investor Warren Buffet, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The special 30th anniversary issue highlights the 12 Titans of Philanthropy for the 30th annual Forbes 400 issue, and ranks the richest people in the world who have given the most money away.

PHOTO: Denzel Washington Covers GQ Magazine

Denzel Washington on cover of GQ Magazine
Denzel Washington, the Oscar Award-winning actor best known for films such as "John Q" and "Training Day", graces the cover of the October 2012 issue of GQ magazine. Inside, he shares some words of wisdom, and talks about who influences him as an actor. He also tells who he'd like to play him in a biopic.

Monday, September 17, 2012

PHOTOS: Usher Cries, Confesses To Oprah During Interview

Oprah Interview Usher on OWN

Oprah Interview Usher on OWN

During a recent interview at his house with Oprah, singer Usher opened up with confessions and tears. He talked extensively about his marriage, his custody battle, and his relationship with his mom. He even confessed to having intimate relationships with women while he and ex-wife Tameka Foster were still married, but separated.

Watch the Full Interview Below:

PHOTOS: Teachers Strike Continues in Chicago

Chicago Teachers Union on Strike

Chicago Teachers Union Protesting

Chicago Teachers Union on Strike

According to USA Today, the Chicago Teachers Union continues its strike now in to its second week. Chicago, the country's third-largest city, is dealing with a devastating standoff with Mayor Rahm Emanuel over teacher evaluations and job security provisions. About 350,000 students have been in limbo since the strike began.

The teachers are hoping to preserve pay increases based on their seniority and level of education, and wanted to ensure recall rights for laid-off teachers who want to work in other schools. They also want to be reimbursed for up to $250 of what they spend out of their own pockets.

PHOTO: 3-Year Old Boy Calls 911; Saves Aunt's Life

Tyrone Copeland Jr - 3 Year Old Call 911
Tyrone Copeland Jr., a 3-year boy from Wilmington, Delaware, is being celebrated as a hero after he saved his aunt's life by calling 911. The boy was playing, when he suddenly realized that his aunt, Deneene Copeland, was having a seizure. He immediately called 911, and told them what was going on. And wow, when authorities arrived, they found the boy tending to his aunt. Little Tyrone will be honored at a ceremony next week, and the town of Wilmington considers him a hero for his efforts.

PHOTO: Tameka Raymond's Re-Trial Request Denied; Ex-Husband Usher Remains Parent With Primary Custody

Tameka Raymond Custody Retrial Denied
Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of singer Usher, has been denied a re-trial in a nasty custody battle between her and the multi-platinum singer. A few weeks ago, she lost primary custody of their two children, and now after appealing, she has also been denied a retrial. She does, however, share legal custody of the two boys, and is entitled to visitations.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ALERT: Thousands of Infected Kotex Tampons Were Stolen and Sold To Retailers

Kotex Tampons Infected, Stolen, Resold

Kimberly-Clark Corp., the Dallas-based company that makes Kotex® tampons, are cautioning women to beware. Apparently, thousands of their Kotex® Natural Balance Security tampons failed final inspection and were sent to an outside company to be destroyed. But at an unknown point they were stolen and the defective products were then sold to the public. Some of the tampons have increased levels of bacteria, the presence of metallic particles and imperfect raw materials.

PHOTO/VIDEO: Usher Talks With Oprah on "Oprah's Next Chapter"

Oprah Interview Usher on OWN

Singer Usher sits down for an exclusive interview with Oprah on her new show - "Oprah's Next Chapter". During the exclusive interview, the Grammy award-winning artist speaks publicly for the first time about his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, their marriage that ended in a nasty divorce, and the custody battle over their two kids (which he won). The episode will air Sunday, September 16, at 9/8c on the OWN Network.

Here's a clip below:

PHOTO: Chris Brown's New Tattoo Looks A Lot Like Rihanna's Battered Face

Chris Brown Tattoo of Rihanna's Battered Face

Singer Chris Brown's new tattoo on his neck is causing a lot of controversy because it looks a lot like Rihanna's battered face after he assaulted her three years ago. The singer insists though that it's actually a Mexican-themed skull in commemoration of Dia de los Muertos.

Here's what his publicist had to say: "His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw. It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported." What do you think?

Monday, September 10, 2012

PHOTO: Police Kill Man After He Impregnates His Girlfriend's 11-Year Old Daughter

Gregory Johns Killed After Raping 11-Year Old Girl

According to WTSP-10 News in Tampa, Florida, police have shot and killed, Gregory Johns, a 42-year old man who was on the run after his girlfriend’s daughter was reported pregnant and sexually assaulted.

Just a week before, his girlfriend brought her 11-year-old daughter to the hospital after she complained of stomach pains and doctors discovered that the child was pregnant. Johns ditched the girlfriend and her daughter at the hospital, and fled to a motel in Treasure Island, Florida, where he was later found and killed because he threatened police with a knife.

PHOTO: Gabrielle Union Covers October 2012 Issue of Ebony Magazine

Gabrielle Union on Ebony Magazine Cover
Gabrielle Union is the cover girl for Ebony Magazine's October 2012 issue, and inside on her 6-page feature, the 40-year-old actress tells readers what she would tell her younger self. She also gives solid advice to women with low self-esteem.

Friday, September 7, 2012

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Hugs and Kisses Rihanna at VMA Awards

Rihanna and Chris Brown Hug and Kiss at VMA Awards

Rihanna and Chris Brown Hug and Kiss at VMA Awards

Based on pics and video, singer Rihanna indeed exchanged a kiss and hug with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown out in the audience. Live cameras didn't show it on TV, but some others cameras caught the exchange. Of course, many are upset claiming that she has reunited with him and that this sends a bad message to young girls.

PHOTO: Woman Loses 200 Pounds After Getting Ticket For Being Too Fat

Janette Colantonio was issued a ticket for being too fat to wear a seatbelt
Janette Colantonio of Summerville, South Carolina, recently lost 200 pounds after she received a traffic citation for not wearing her seatbelt because she was too fat. At 408 pounds, she simply could not get the seatbelt to extend across her body. After receiving the ticket, she decided to lose the weight, and a year and a half later, she found the officer who issued her the ticket, and thanked him.

PHOTO: Obama Campaign Takes Inspiration From Run DMC



President Obama's campaign has apparently received some inspiration from the 1980's rap group, Run-DMC. A photo posted on President Obama's Tumblr page uses imagery from Run-DMC, but converts it to "Run DNC". Already shared millions of times on Facebook and Twitter, the image includes a photo of President Obama, Vice President Biden and former President Clinton. The acronym DNC could mean either the Democratic National Committee or the Democratic National Convention.

PHOTO: Zoe Saldana Covers Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine

Zoe Saldana on Bazaar Magazine

Latina actress Zoe Saldana is on the cover of the September 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine wearing the newest fashion designs by Dolce and Gabbana. She is currently promoting "The Words" - her newest movie "The Words" with co-star Bradley Cooper.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PHOTO: Jill Scott Covers October 2012 Issue of Essence Magazine

Jill Scott on Essence Magazine Cover
The always beautiful and elegant Jill Scott is gracing the cover of the October 2012 issue of Essence Magazine. Inside, the actress/singer talks about her new TV movie, her new hairstyle, and her new mind-set about men.

PHOTO: First Lady Michelle Obama Opens Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama Speaks at DNC

Michelle Obama Speaks at DNC

First Lady Michelle Obama is the newest speech-maker being heralded at the White House. She opened the Democratic National Convention last night with the message that her husband President Obama understands the middle class and their concerns better than his Republican rival Mitt Romney. According to USA Today, by the time she finished telling stories of the couple's own struggles with money and their shared dreams for their daughters, Twitter had exploded.

Monday, September 3, 2012

PHOTO: Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54

Michael Clarke Duncan Dies
According to the Associated Press, Michael Clarke Duncan, the hulking, prolific character actor whose dozens of films included an Oscar-nominated performance as a death row inmate in "The Green Mile" and such other box office hits as "Armageddon," "Planet of the Apes" and "Kung Fu Panda," is dead at age 54.

Clarke died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was being treated for a heart attack, said his fiancée, reality TV personality Rev. Omarosa Manigault.

The muscular, 6-foot-4 Duncan, a former bodyguard who turned to acting in his 30s, "suffered a myocardial infarction on July 13 and never fully recovered," the statement said. "Manigault is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date."

PHOTO: Mother of "Good Morning America" co-host Robin Roberts Dies Over The Weekend

Lucimarian Roberts, mother of Robin Roberts, Dies

Lucimarian Roberts, the mother of GMA co-host Robin Roberts, died over the weekend - just one day after the anchor announced she was taking a medical leave for a bone marrow transplant. Her 88-year-old mom died in Gulfport, Mississippi by her side.

Over the years, Lucimarian Roberts made numerous appearances with her daughter on "Good Morning America". She was a Gulf Coast icon for more than four decades, best known as the first African American to serve as chairman of the Mississippi State Board of Education in the 1980's.

PHOTO: Billboard Sign in Massachusetts Calls President Obama "A Village Idiot"

Billboard Sign Says Obama Is A Village Idiot in Kenya

Billboard Sign With Girl Calling Obama A Jerk

Controversial homemade billboards in Hanson, Massachusetts have caught the attention of many, and are sparking a debate over whether they're inappropriate or protected free speech. One sign has says "Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot" and features Communist symbols on Obama's collar. Another sign features a young girl calling the president a jerk and flashing her middle finger. What do you think? Is that going too far?