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Friday, October 26, 2012

NYC Bullied Teen Commits Suicide In Front of Classmates; Jumps in Front of Train

Felicia Garcia, Bullied Teen Who Jumped in Front of a Train in NYC
Felicia Garcia, a 15-year old teenage girl from Staten Island, New York, recently jumped in front of an oncoming train as classmates looked on from the platform in shock. Her classmates say she was a victim of relentless bullying from many students at her school. Just a few days before her suicide, she wrote in her last message on Twitter, "I can’t, I’m done, I give up." A RIP Facebook page has been made on her behalf at www.facebook.com/RipFeliciaGarciaStopBullying

Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

President Obama and Colin Powell
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who is a registered Republican, endorsed President Obama in the 2008 election. Now, for the 2012 election, President Obama has received a second endorsement from Powell. In an exclusive interview on CBS News, he explained his reasons why and commented, "I voted for him in 2008 and I plan to stick with him in 2012 and I'll be voting for he and for Vice President Joe Biden next month." Since then, though, Powell has been accused of supporting him only because he's Black.

Watch the interview below:

President Obama Chats With Jay Leno About Donald Trump

President Obama and Jay Leno
President Obama recently joined Jay Leno on television again, and the two talked about who other than Donald Trump. Responding to Trump's multiple attacks against him, Obama admitted that he's never even met Trump before, and doesn't understand how he has such easy access to mainstream media. He also talked about some of the Republican party's highly criticized views on rape.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Republican Campaign Paid Black Homeless People To Wear "Obama Supporters For Brown" T-Shirts

Senator Scott Brown Paid Homeless African Americans
Republican Senator Scott Brown apparently paid African American homeless people to wear "Obama Supporters for Brown" t-shirts. According to the Boston Herald, organizers admitted to doing so, but insisted that the people who showed up were supportive of Brown’s campaign and that the money paid was just to cover their cost of transportation. The people were reportedly paid $8 an hour.

BET Running Anti-Obama Commercials Asking "How Can I Vote For Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Me?"

Anti-Obama Ads on BET
A new anti-Obama ad, paid for by an organization called Pivot Point, is airing on BET in select cities. In the commercial, the question is asked: "How Can I Vote For Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Me?" The ad features two young black people who are describing how significant it was to have a first Black president. But then the mood changes when they start listing ways in which President Obama has supposedly hurt the black community.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Baby's First Baby" - The World's First Pregnant Baby Doll

Baby's First Baby Pregnant Doll
This is not a joke! Darren Cullen, a UK-based artist, has designed a new pregnant doll called "Baby’s First Baby", includes features such as "cravings", "stretch marks", and "waters [that] really break". Packaged inside are three bottles for each generation, grandma baby, foetus baby and foetus-foetus baby. Who in the world would buy this for their daughter?

80-Year Old Woman Arrested For Taking Down "Obama-Hitler" Signs

Obama-Hitler Sign
Nancy Lack, an 80-year-old woman from Hebron, Connecticut, was recently arrested and charged with larceny and breach of peace, after she tore down political signs that included an image of President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler-style mustache.

She says she was offended by the picture and took down three posters that were being hung last near a local post office. The group hanging signs called the police, and she was arrested after promising to appear in court a week later.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama Supports Her Man In Pink

Michelle Obama Pink Dress at Debate

Michelle Obama Pink Dress at Debate

First lady Michelle Obama looked beautiful in the audience as she watched her husband's second debate against Mitt Romney. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she wore a neon pink blazer and matching shift dress by Michael Kors. After the debate, she shared a kiss with her husband in front of the crowd.

Critics Say President Obama Won Second Debate

Obama and Romney Second Debate

Last night, President Barack Obama and Govenor Mitt Romney debated for the second time on national television. This time, they discussed everything from taxes and the middle class to equal pay for women. This time around, critics says that Obama clearly won the debate.

Here's what the New York Times had to say:

“The most devastating moment for Mr. Romney was self-inflicted. Continuing his irresponsible campaign to politicize the death of the American ambassador to Libya, he said it took two weeks for the president to acknowledge that it was the result of an act of terror. As the moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, quickly pointed out, the president referred to it as an act of terror the next day, in the Rose Garden.”

Watch the full debate below:

Tyler Perry Covers Men's Health Magazine

Tyler Perry on Cover of Men's Health Magazine
Filmmaker, actor, and philanthropist Tyler Perry is on the cover of the November 2012 issue of Men's Health magazine. Inside, he talks about his new film "Alex Cross", how he lost 30 pounds, and how he feels about starting a business with investors. He also talks about his road to success as a filmmaker with one of the largest followings in cinema and television history.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rihanna Covers Vogue Magazine For Second Time

Rihanna on Vogue Cover
Rihanna's dream has come true - not once, but twice. For the second time in two years, she has graced the cover of Vogue Magazine. On the upcoming November 2012 issue, the multi-platinum singer shows off a sexy-laced red dress - one of the fashion trends of the season. Timing is great because she is also set to release her 7th studio album "Unapologetic" in November.

Carlton Gets Married!!

Alfonso Ribeiro Gets Married
Alfonso Ribeiro, best known for playing "Carlton" on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" alongside Will Smith and Tatiyana Ali, has gotten married. The hilarious actor, game show host, and television director wed his long-time girlfriend, Angela Unkrich, in a sunset ceremony in Burbank, California. There were 175 guests including singer Joey Fatone, and actor Ricky Schroder.

Friday, October 12, 2012

VIDEO: Stacey Dash Explains To CNN Why She Is Supporting Mitt Romney

Actress Stacey Dash, who recently received a lot of criticism from the Black community for tweeting her support of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, talks to CNN's Piers Morgan to explain her views.

Couple Sues Doctors For Allegedly Decapitating Baby During Childbirth

Couple Whose Baby Was Decapitated During Birth

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, from Florissant, Missouri, have filed a lawsuit against two obstetricians after they allegedly decapitated the head of their baby boy during his birth. The couple also claims that the doctors tried to hide the error by shoving the child's body and severed head back in to the mom's birth canal.

Apparently, during the birthing procedure, the baby’s head was first delivered vaginally, followed by his shoulders, then an arm. However, due to the child’s large abdomen (caused by some abnormalities), the doctors could not fully dislodge the baby vaginally. And so, in the process of tugging, they allegedly separated the baby’s head from his torso. As a result, blood "shot out" from the newborn's neck in full view of his parents.

The couple is suing them for wrongful death and negligence, and is seeking unspecified damages.

Rapper Nelly Arrested For Possession of Heroin, Marijuana and Loaded Gun on His Tour Bus

Nelly Arrested
Multi-platinum rapper Nelly was recently detained in Texas after police found 36 bags of heroin, 10 pounds of marijuana, and a loaded gun on his tour bus. According to TMZ, the bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, and officers (with the help of a police dog) determined that there were drugs on the bus. All seven people riding the bus were detained, including Nelly himself, and one man claimed that the drugs and gun belonged to him.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CNN's Don Lemon Tells President Obama to "Look People in the Eye"

CNN anchor Don Lemon has some advice for President Obama after what many are calling a poor performance during the recent presidential debate. Since the two candidates will be debating again soon, Lemon advises him: "...Mr. President, with all due respect, if you want to show the right, left, and in between that you’re not “out of your league,” then stop looking at your notes. Stop writing while someone else is talking. Do what my mom - and I’m sure your mom and many moms across the country tell their children, what they teach us - look people, no matter who they are, dead in the eye."

Black Community Attacks Stacey Dash After She Endorses Mitt Romney

Stacey Dash Support Mitt Romney
Actress Stacey Dash is being attacked on Twitter and Facebook for her recent endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Best known for her role in the films "Mo' Money" and "Clueless", Dash tweeted about her support for Romney and soon after - the backlash began.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Toni Braxton Turns 45

Toni Braxton Turns 45
Multiplatinum singer Toni Braxton turned 45 years old over the weekend, but age is not a number to her. As a woman now in her mid-forties, she still looks like a beautiful stunning teenager in many of her photos - and even in person. Her music career will be highlighted this month on VH1's "Behind The Music" on October 28.

Tyler Perry Buys Disabled Woman New Mini-Van After Her’s is Stolen

Tyler Perry Buys Disabled Woman New Van
Alicia Day, a disabled woman from Decatur, Georgia in the Atlanta area, was devastated to learn that her customized minivan was stolen. Day has cerebral palsy, which confines her to a wheelchair. Thus, she had a customized vehicle to accommodate her needs. Well, she was relieved just a day later when filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry called and offered to buy her a new van. Philanthropy at its best!!

Louis Farrakhan’s Grandson To Play in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks

Mustapha Farrakhan to Play For Milwaukee Bucks
Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s grandson, Mustapha Farrakhan Jr., has just been signed to train with the Milwaukee Bucks. The 6'4" guard was a star at the University of Virginia from 2007 -2011, leading the team in scoring his senior year. He has not yet been officially signed to the team, but he is on the training camp roster.

Friday, October 5, 2012

USPS Highlights Black Heritage in New 2012 Stamp Yearbook

The 2012 Stamp Yearbook
The stamps of 2012 celebrate a rich patchwork of American life - from poets and choreographers to national pastimes and cultural celebrations, including Black history. So, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has release The 2012 Stamp Yearbook - a 76-page hardcover book that includes: 94 stamps from the 2012 collectible program plus mounts, fascinating information about each stamp subject, placeholders to preserve the complete stamp program, including a new section for high value stamps, and access to digital extras showcasing multimedia content. For more details, visit www.usps.com/shop

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PHOTO: Obamas Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Wedding Anniversary

Obamas Wedding Photo

President Barack Obama and wife First Lady Michelle Obama celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary today, but the two won't be having a moonlight dinner at a romantic restaurant tonight. Instead, President Obama will be participating in his first presidential debate with Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. Because of schedule conflict, they are planning to officially celebrate their anniversary this coming weekend.

PHOTO: Teen Runs Into Burning Building And Saves 2-Year-Old Boy

Nelson Fonangwan With Baby He Saved From Burning House

Nelson Fonangwan Saves Baby From Burning House

Nelson Fonangwan, a 16-year-old boy from Southampton, England is a local hero after he saved the life of a toddler trapped inside a burning home. Here's what happened: Fonangwan was awaken by the screams of his neighbor whose child was locked inside of her burning house. She had accidentally locked herself outside while cooking, and her 2-year old was still inside. Fonangwan came to the rescue by smashing his way into the house, and running through thick black smoke to rescue the child. Soon after, firefighters arrived and put out the fire. Had he not rescued the child when he did, the child could have easily died quickly from smoke inhalation or burns.

PHOTO: Tyler Perry To Produce Two New TV Shows on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network in 2013

Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey Partnership
The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has announced that they now have an exclusive partnership with filmmaker Tyler Perry, who will launch two new television series for the network that will premiere in the year 2013. The deal makes OWN the exclusive destination for any new television series that Tyler Perry produces, ending his partnership with TBS where his other shows ("Tyler Perry’s House of Payne," "Meet the Browns" and "For Better or Worse") are aired.

Monday, October 1, 2012

PHOTO: Singer Keyshia Cole, Husband Daniel Gibson, and Son Cover Jet Magazine

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson on Jet Magazine cover
Multi-platinum singer Keyshia Cole and her beautiful family (husband NBA star Daniel "Booby" Gibson and their son Daniel Jr.) grace the cover of the October 8, 2012 issue JET magazine. Inside, the couple talk about their relationship, parenthood, and their upcoming reality show "Family First" to premiere soon on BET.

New Study Says When Women Are More "Traditional" and Do ALL The Housework, The Marriage Will Last Longer

Norway Study, Traditional Marriages Last Longer
A recent study done in Norway found that when couples allow their marriage to be more "traditional" with the wife doing all the housework, the marriages last longer. The NOVA research institute found that divorce rates were actually higher for couples who split the housework equally. The findings seem to indicate that women who share chores with their husbands, do so because they have jobs, and thus are more financially independent to leave if the marriage turns sour.

For the full study, visit www.nova.no/asset/5912/1/5912_1.pdf
(Skip to page 224 for the English summary)

Man Rapes Teen Girl, and Now Wants Child Vistation Rights Three Years Later

Rapist Visitation Rights to Child
A man in Massachusetts that has admitted to raping a 14-year old girl three years ago, is now seeking visitation rights to the child. The mother, who is now 17, still suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and says she is terrified at the thought of having to face the man who raped her.

VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Says "Wake The F... Up" In New Obama Ad

Samuel L Jackson in his Wake The F Up Video Campaign
Actor Samuel L. Jackson has just released a new video on YouTube, where he is campaigning for President Obama in a very unique and explicit way. The ad tells voters to "Wake the F... Up", and is designed to inspire younger voters to go out and vote come November 2012. The comical and virally-growing video is an attempt to remind young voters what's at stake if Mitt Romney is President of the United States.

Watch the entire ad below: