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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Woman Gets Arrested For Slapping the Wrong Child at School

Tshekka Collier, woman who slapped wrong child at school

Tshekka Collier, 36, a mom from South Carolina, is in deep trouble after she accidentally slapped the wrong child. Apparently, she was so upset at her son for getting suspended that she walked into his school's principal's office and slapped the wrong boy.

She was called to the school by administrators to pick up her son as he was facing a suspension for bad behavior. When she arrived at the principal’s office, she mistakenly slapped another boy who was actually sick and waiting to be picked up by his mom.

After realizing her mistake, she did immediately apologize to the boy, and then walked over to her own son and slapped him. Unfortunately, it was a costly mistake. She is now facing police charges for assault, battery, and disturbing the peace.

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