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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christian School Tells Lesbian Couple to Divorce Or Your Son Will Be Expelled

Lesbian Couple in South Africa

A Christian school in South Africa has told Samantha and Kally Mabe, the married lesbian parents of one of its students, that their 5-year old son will face expulsion from school if they don't get divorced.

The pastor of the school claims that they never indicated their sexual orientation, and that them being gay was causing problems. He also said that if they didn’t split up or remove their child, he would consider legal action against them.

It all apparently started when the student told his teacher that he had two mothers. The teacher then reported this to the principals, and school administrators where sent to address the situation with the parents. The administrators informed the couple that their school did not cater to their "type of people". They also insisted that had they known about their lesbianism, their son would never have been allowed to register at the school in the first place.

In their defense, the couple claims that they never hid anything about their sexual preference from the school, and that they even told the school when they first registered their son to start school.

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