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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Father and Son To Graduate Morehouse College Together

Father and Son Graduate Morehouse College Together

A father and his son will be graduating from Morehouse College in Atlanta together. Dorian Joyner Jr. will march with his dad, Dorian Sr., who is finally finishing his studies that he started way back in 1984.

When Dorian Jr. first heard that his dad was coming back to Morehouse, he admitted it was a shock at first. He reflects, "I said, 'Oh, you're coming back to visit some of your friends?' And my dad said 'No, I'm coming back to be a student.' I said - can you repeat that?"

But the story gets even more remarkable. The father and son duo were not distant while on campus; They supported one another throughout their college experience. They studied together, and made it a plan to achieve their family goals as a unit. They say the experience brought them closer together.

“We’re Morehouse brothers,” they said with pride.

After graduation, Dorian Sr. is planning to go to law school to eventually become a judge, and his son, Dorian Jr., is planning to travel abroad with the Peace Corps for two years, and then attend film school.

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