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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twins Graduate From Spelman as Co-Valedictorians in the Class of 2013

Kristie and Kirstie Bronner Twins at Spelman College

Kristie and Kirstie Bronner are identical twins with identical grade point averages of 4.0 that recently graduated as co-valedictorians in the class of 2013 at Spelman College in Atlanta. It's the first time in the school's history that this has happened.

Both are music majors, have a relentless work ethic, and are determined to reach their goals at any cost. They insist that "what you know is not as important as how determined you are when it comes to succeeding in both life and academics."

Kirstie Bronner comments, "Before we came to college we prayed that we would keep 4.0s all the way through but I don’t think we ever really expected it."

Her sister Kristie, comments, "We learned how to have a balance to life and then to be able to appreciate the journey of college and be more healthy and be more happy."

Congratulations to them both, and big praise for being exemplary role models to communities all across the nation!

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