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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother Caught Shoplifting and Accidentally Runs Over 4-Year Old Son While Trying to Flee Security Guards

Arkebia Albury, mother who ran over son while fleeing guards at mall

25-year old Arkebia Albury is in big trouble after she accidentally ran over her 4-year old son in a mall parking lot. Apparently, she was at a local mall in Centerville, Georgia with her two children, and had been caught shoplifting some t-shirts.

As she was trying to run away from the security guards, she ran to her car, started the engine and drove off, but apparently did not check first to see if both of her children had made it in the car. One of them didn't, and he was ran over by her car.

When the woman saw that the security guard was trying to help the little boy, his mother got out of the car and picked him up, in spite of the guard’s pleas to leave the injured boy for police. Instead of complying, she allegedly through the injured child in the car and drove off.

A few miles later, an actual police officer stopped the woman’s car and medical workers came to give aide to the child. The child is now in a local hospital with serious injuries. "The child is in bad shape," the police chief said. "It wasn’t looking too good."

To make the story even more interesting, police say her sister and niece were also in the car, but were not charged with any crime.

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