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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Closed Casket Funeral Results in Burial of Wrong Body

Mississippi Family Upset About Wrong Burial

Nearly 10 years after a relative’s burial, a Mississippi family has learn that the wrong body has been buried. Apparently, Rochelle Thomas died in a car accident back in 2004. The funeral was held at Royal Funeral home, and she was buried at Heavenly Rest cemetery in Clarksdale, Mississippi. But the funeral and burial was closed casket, as family members gather to honor her life.

But recently, the children of Rochelle have learned there was a man in the casket, not their mom..

How Did They Know?

At the funeral, workers told the family that they didn’t want the casket open because it would be hard on the family. But all along Thomas' mother did not feel right about the burial. So, the family had the grave dug up, and DNA testing revealed they did indeed bury the wrong body.

According to the family, they still haven’t been given any straight answers since the man in the casket wasn’t a family member.

The family says the funeral home was responsible for the funeral, but the state was in charge of Thomas's body. While the state admits there was a mix up, they will not say much more.

“The only thing we got was that this person wasn’t y’all’s loved one, so it’s not y’all’s concern,’” said sister, Linda Jones.

"It's very, very, very frustrating, I swear it is. Cause that was all we had," said another relative.

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