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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indiana Woman on Death Row To Be Released

Paula Cooper, Death Row Inmate To Be Released

Paula Cooper, a woman from Indiana who was put on death row at the age of 16 for killing her school teacher, is scheduled to be released from prison. Cooper is 43-years old now, and has already served nearly 30 years in prison.

Cooper was 15 when she and three other teenage girls planned to rob their Bible school teacher, but killed her instead. In fact, Cooper stabbed the teacher 33 times with a butcher knife. Then, she and the other girls ransacked the house. The four girls then stole her car and fled.

She was arrested, sentenced to life in prison, and put on death row to die by the electric chair.

But now, nearly 30 years later, Cooper is a different person. She has earned a bachelor's degree, and she tutors inmates in the culinary arts.

Attorney Jack Crawford, who was the prosecutor for her case commented that Cooper has done her time and may yet contribute to society. He also said that he has come to oppose the death penalty since Cooper's conviction.

Cooper's sister, Rhonda Labroi, said she hopes people will see Paula as more than a killer. She commented, "She was just a child at the time that happened, and now she is an adult and people should wait and see and give her a chance... There are second chances. It seems like God has given her another chance. I think if people give her a second chance, she'll do fine."

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