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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's Doctor, To Be Released Early From Prison

Dr. Conrad Murray to be Released Early From Prison

Dr. Conrad Murray, the former doctor of pop star Michael Jackson, will be released from a Los Angeles County Jail on October 28th, three years ahead of schedule. A source close to the Jackson family says they are "devastated" that he is getting an early release.

In November 2011, Murray was sentence to four years in prison on involuntary manslaughter charges. In 2009, he allegedly gave Jackson a fatal overdose of Propofol, a sleeping anesthetic, to help him prepare for his "This is It" comeback tour.

So just why is Murray getting out early? According to legal analysts, Murray is receiving an early release because of good behavior and a overfilled jail system. "He has been a model inmate and the authorities have granted him an early release due to that good behavior and the overcrowded California jail system," comments a friend of his.

Regarding the early release, Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, commented, "It is not right I will never be able to see my son again, while his mother can see him."

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