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Friday, July 19, 2013

VIDEO: Black Republican, Jesse Lee Peterson, Says Trayvon Martin Was "A Thug"

Jesse Lee Peterson Interview With Piers Morgan on CNN

Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, recently gave a very controversial interview on CNN with Piers Morgan. During the interview, he emphatically stated that Trayvon Martin was a "pot-smoking" thug. He added that Trayvon was "an example of what happens when Black boys and girls are raised in single parent households."

Peterson also said that if Trayvon Martin was white, the same outcome would have occurred. He also accused Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even President Obama of turning the case into a race issue "in order to gain power and wealth."

Based in Los Angeles, Peterson is a Republican and the founder of the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, which is dedicated to a conservative agenda among African Americans. He is also the host of the syndicated Jesse Lee Peterson Show which airs on the radio in several large markets including Los Angeles. This is not the first time he has been a part of controversial commentary.

Watch The Full Interview Below:

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