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Monday, September 9, 2013

Benjamin Jealous To Resign After 5 Years As NAACP President

Benjamin Jealous

Benjamin Todd Jealous, who signed on to be president of the NAACP back in 2009, has announced that he will retire by December 31, 2013. During his tenure, he has led the NAACP - from marches protesting the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin to vigils for death row inmate Troy Davis in Georgia.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Jealous said the constant travel as president and CEO of the nation's largest civil rights organization has kept him away too much from his family.

He commented, "Leadership knows when to step up and when to step down. This day I can say with pride that I'm prepared to step down and make room for the next person who will lead this organization to its next chapter."

Under Jealous' leadership, the NAACP donor base grew from 16,422 in 2007 to well over 100,000 last year. Revenue has grown from nearly $26 million in 2008 to almost $50 million in 2012. Out of a total score of 70, independent non-profit reviewing organization Charity Navigator gives the NAACP 51.42 for finances and 70 for accountability and transparency.

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