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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Young Harlem Girl Dies After Being Trapped Inside Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed Accident

A 3-year old girl from Harlem, New York recently died from apparent suffocation while she was trapped inside a sofa bed. Reportedly, Aissante Diallo was in the bed sleeping when the bed suddenly retracted, trapping her and her older sister. The older sister managed to escape, but Aissante was "squeezed inside". Two other children were also in the apartment but not in the bed.

The children were supposedly being watched by their mother’s boyfriend, but police say it's still unclear if he was inside the home when the accident occurred. According to police, “his story has been inconsistent.”

Even worse, he reportedly did not call 911, but instead flagged down a police officer on the sidewalk. But it was too late; the girl was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators are still questioning the boyfriend while waiting for the medical examiner determine the actual cause of the death.

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