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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Local NAACP Leaders Meet With KKK Leaders in Casper, Wyoming

NAACP Leaders Meet With KKK Leaders in Casper, Wyoming

In what many are calling a very unusual move, leaders from a local NAACP chapter and a local KKK chapter agreed to meet this past Saturday in Casper, Wyoming. Their purpose was to address the recent violence in the area's Black community, as well as the group’s distribution of its KKK pamphlets.

How did this meeting come to happen? Apparently, Jimmy Simmons, the president of the NAACP Casper branch, reached out to John Abarr of the United Klans of America. He initially reached out back in June, but they wanted to ensure that the meeting would be safe and productive.

Reportedly, the meeting was mostly unproductive.

Abarr gave his reasons for why he joined the Klan, saying, "I like it because you wear robes, and get out and light crosses, and have secret handshakes." He added, "I like being in the Klan - I sort of like it that people think I’m some sort of outlaw."

Also, as the meeting ended, Simmons gave Abarr a membership application for the NAACP and Abarr agreed to join, adding a $20 donation to the $30 membership fee. Abarr then said, "We'll have to do this again sometime. Or maybe not. I don't know. We'll have to keep in contact for sure, though."

Here are some pics of the meeting:


NAACP Leader Talks With KKK Leader

NAACP Leader With KKK Leader

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