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Friday, November 1, 2013

Can Your Hair Weave Get Infested With Maggot Worms?

Last week, a local newspaper in Kenya reported that a Kenyan woman had flesh-eating worms living in her hair weave and burrowing into her skull. Reportedly, she was always suffering from severe headaches as a result.

The story quickly went viral around the world, gaining interest from women who use weaves and similar hair products.

So is it true? Can this really happen?

Actually, no.

Here's what David Mikkelson of Snopes.com (a popular site that dispels rumors) had to say:

The "worms" one sometimes sees on corpses are actually maggots, the just-hatched offspring of such flies. Human hair intended for weaves, hair pieces, or wigs is carefully washed, sorted, and matched with tresses of similar color and texture very early in the process of turning it into a fashion accessory. Ergo, even if the hair used had been taken from a corpse and had through that association become infested with fly eggs, those future larvae ("worms") would have been washed away by the first cleaning given those strands during the sorting process.

Via a post on his web site (www.snopes.com/horrors/vanities/hairweave.asp), Mikkelson insists that this story of maggots growing in people's hair is simply just another rumor, and that people who believe such things are just plain ole' gullible. Un-be-weavable!

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