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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Serious Fights Break Out In Walmarts and Other Retailers Across the Country, Over Black Friday Sales

Fights at Walmart and Other Retailers Over Black Friday Sales

People apparently go from being thankful one day, to extremely selfish the next day. This year's Black Friday in the United States has once again led to violence, with trampling, shootings, stabbings and police officers having to be called to scores of store locations. Unfortunately, most of the violence appears to be happening at Walmarts.

Here's what was reported around the country:

* Shoppers at one Walmart in West Memphis described the sales as "wild" with people hitting each other and knocking one another over, with the parking lot like a "football game," local station WMCTV reports. "They fought over everything from electronics, to towels."

* Three fights broke out in a Walmart in San Bernardino, California, with a police officer having to be hospitalized due to a broken wrist, the SB Sun Newspaper reports.

* One major fight broke out a Walmart in Johnson City, Tennessee that seemed to involve a young kid and an older woman. (see video below)

* Another incident at a Walmart in San Juan, Puerto Rico involved what appears to be hundreds of anxious customers jumping a fence and storming their way into the store, nearly trampling each other. (see video below)

* Another Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas, reportedly had tons of pushing, shoving and arguing over a DVD player sale. Police came in to break it up, and one customer says she was nearly knocked down by a police officer. (see video below)


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