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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Man Discovered Still Alive Underwater Three Days After His Boat Went Missing

Harrison Okene, Man Found Alive in Sunken Boat 3 Days Later

Back in June 2013, Harrison Okene, a 29-year old man who spent three days trapped in an air pocket of a sunken ship, was discovered by divers, turning a search for dead bodies into an incredible rescue operation. Okene was aboard a tugboat off the coast of Nigeria with 11 colleagues, when suddenly the boat capsized and began to rapidly sink.

Okene was the only survivor, as he managed to find a 4-foot pocket of air and survived on sips of Coca-Cola. Amazingly, divers were looking to recover the dead bodies, when they discovered Okene was still alive - even though it had been 3 days since the boat sank.

They were able to capture the rescue on camera. In a popular video that has gone viral on YouTube, viewers can see the tiny space where Okene was able to breathe: just a 4-foot pocket of air. Next, the rescuer straps Okene in a harness, and gets ready to pull him out from 100 feet (30 meters) below the Atlantic Ocean.

Okene can even be seen being pulled out of the shipwreck and taking his first breaths through an oxygen mask. He was immediately taken to a decompression chamber where he was held for sixty hours so his body pressure and nitrogen levels could return to normal.

Here's the newly released video below:

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