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Friday, February 21, 2014

OMG You Won't Believe (or Maybe You Will) What Happens When a Black Guy and a White Guy Try To Steal The Same Car -- Watch The Video

White Guy and Black Guy Break Into Same Car

Is there a difference between a white guy trying to break into a car vs a black guy? Apparently so.

Jason Roberts, a host on the YouTube channel "Simple Misfits", recently decided to create a scene where people could witness the unacceptable double standards and racism in the country. Roberts, who is white, pretended to break into his own car on a public street. Even though the car alarm repeatedly was repeatedly going off, no one seemed to car that he was breaking into the car - including a police officer who passed by.

But when actor Quentin Brunson (who is Black) pretended to be breaking into the same car on the same street, Los Angeles police were on the scene within two minutes, greeting him with profanity and a harsh attitude. Roberts says his goal for the experiment was to raise awareness. And that it did! Within just three days of posting the video on YouTube, the video received more than 2 million views.

Watch The Video Below:

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